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Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter

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Our Story 

Better ingredients, Better Customers

The original Grandpa's Café started in the early 70's by a man named Virgal. His café became extreamly popular due to the 6 inch old fashion hamburgers still served today. He eventually sold his café to his top cook who continued to operate it for 8 years until she closed up shop in 2007. I, Carrie Mercer, was a district manager for a 24 hour, never close, restaurant corperation. Although I was successful, I wanted my own gig. I just happen to drive by the closed down restaurant at its original location on Welch Avenue in Berthoud. With in 4 months I reopened Grandpa's Café. I have been very blessed to have stumbled upon this café. Berthoud has been extremely good to me. My customers are really the best customers! I continually witness acts of kindness from my customers. Whether it be buying meals for the less fortunate, giving rides to the elderly, volunteering to serve Thanksgiving dinner to just recently buying every veterans meal for the whole day. My custmers genuine kindness makes my job very rewarding. I am proud to provide a place where they can meet and create lasting relationships.

10 years later the café has evolved from a breakfast hamburger joint to a gathering place for people all over Northern Colorado. The menu has evolved to include all natural beef and chicken and offers a veriaty of gluten free products. Grandpa's now offers healthier options along with café staples like chicken fried steak. Grandpa's was blessed to be awarded top 10 dishes of the year by a Boulder food critic for its cini mines. Grandpa's survived 2010 when Berthoud buisness and the economy was sluggish. It survived 3 ownership changes and is still going strong. Now I look forward to the new growth and new golf coarse in Berthoud, due to open in 2018.