About Grandpa's Cafe

Grandpa’s Café is an American classic diner owned and operated by Carrie Mercer. It is by the grace of God that the story of Grandpa’s Café had developed allowing for His grand plan to take place.

Carrie Mercer and husband Robert have been managing restaurants their entire lives. Robert owned a 5 store franchise before opening his very own restaurant and Carrie was a district manager before opening Grandpa’s Café. The café opened circa 1972 by Virgil until he became ill and sold it to one of his employees. The restaurant ran for 8 years and then the building was up for sale.

Carrie, at the time, was looking for a prime location to open her very own restaurant. She took a chance and viewed the location on Welch Ave in Berthoud and fell in love with the area. After viewing the menus of the previous owner and the location, Carrie felt it was a good fit. “I chose Berthoud”, states Carrie Mercer.

Grandpa’s Café opened under Carrie Mercer’s ownership in September 2007. After the first month she thought she had made the biggest mistake of my life. Sales were slow, so slow that she felt she  would go out of business by the end of the first year. However; within 6 months,  things looked up and sales increased! By the next year they were making a profit and, with the exception of a very scary 2010, continue to do so through faith, the support of the community and their loyal customers.

In 2012 the lease was up at the location on Welch so they had  to decide whether to move or stay. They eventually decided to move due to space issues and the cost of updating the older building. Then there was another decision; to stay in Berthoud or move to Loveland because it was bigger, but she just couldn’t leave Berthoud.

“I had developed too many relationships in Berthoud. I love the town! The people in Berthoud kept me in business when everyone else was going out of business. They tracked over muddy roads to eat with me when Berthoud had to tear up the roads. God put me here because it is where I fit”, expressed Carrie Mercer.

Moving Grandpa’s Café to 903 Mountain Avenue in Berthoud Colorado next to Hayes Market has been a great decision. Grandpa’s was way over due for an update and the new building is much more comfortable for their customers. Today, diners travel from all surrounding area; such as Longmont and Loveland, to dine in a comfortable, updated atmosphere, enjoy game days with 50% menus and a full service bar.

​Summer brings the great outdoors with extra seating on the patio and each holiday or season has chef prepared and inspired dinner creations.

Today, Grandpa’s is thriving by the quality food we provide, comfort and nourishment it brings, the love and support of family and friends and our faith!

Faith. It does not make things easy it makes them possible.

Luke 1:37